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"Although I never really showed it, I had to leave for me to notice. That living in the sunshine’s cold I’m dreaming of a place called home."

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everyone deserves to be happy

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I want to be the rush of relief you feel
when awakening from a dream where
you’re drowning; that first gasp of
air after being submerged for so very
long. I want to prove to you that I
won’t sink my teeth into your neck and
suck out all the love you have left after
struggling for so long with someone
who spit it out on the pavement like it
was the most disgusting thing they had
ever tasted. I want to show you that I
can be your 3 AM call when you’re not
so sure being ‘you’ is something you
want to be. I’ll make you realize that
with every pulse in the pit of your chest
you’re making me feel more alive than
I’ve ever felt before.
I want to make you feel the same.

i wish you knew how badly i want to be in your bed // Haley Hendrick (via s-k-e-t-c-h-e-d)


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